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Trenching System Concept Selection Study

The purpose of this study is to assess and identify safe and reliable trenching technology that will allow flowline and pipeline burial in the harsh, sub arctic offshore environment of the northeastern coast of Canada. The objective is to assemble and analyze existing relevant site data, identify complementary systems and options, and develop major specifications for a reliable, predicable trenching and excavation delivery ‘system’. This system will provide a distinctly superior option to other technologies for excavation of glory holes and trenching of flow lines and tie-ins for offshore field development. By modification and improvement of past Rocksaw technology success, it is our goal to also set the groundwork to provide trenching and excavation solutions for burying pipelines and cable systems in the local conditions off the Canadian east coast Grand Banks region and specifically the Jeanne d’Arc and Orphan Basins.

RSA corporate objectives are to develop the necessary specific technologies to provide an industry leading solution, for trenching and excavation requirements offshore Newfoundland and Labrador and leverage this technology for deep water trenching to applications world wide. RSA sees Newfoundland, and its commitment to oceans technology as becoming the world leader in such unique expertise, and ultimately the gateway to further environmentally acceptable oil and gas exploration in the Arctic.