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Rocksaw subsea trenching equipment has been purpose built or customized to operate in shallow (under 60 meters) offshore environments. Current technology requires diver support and fixed control and drive links between ship and machine. Deep water technologies to satisfy oil and gas production requirements offshore Newfoundland and Labrador are currently under development. RSA is confident, based on its past association with customized market requirements, that a trenching and excavation solution can be developed to safely operate in the unique conditions of the NL area. The subsea sediment and bedrock types found in offshore Newfoundland and Labrador fall within the ranges previously trenched by Rocksaw. RS International has developed three different types of shallow water subsea trenching equipment yielding six different models suitable for trenching both harbor applications and shore approaches.

Model RSIT 1000
Rocksaw Sub-Sea Trencher – Suspended Cutter and Water Jet System

Model RSIT-2000
Rocksaw Sub-Sea Trencher – Suspended Cutter and Water Jet System

RSMT 1000
Rocksaw Sub-Sea Trencher – Track Type Bottom Crawler with Water Jet System
Model RSMT 2500
Rocksaw Sub-Sea Trencher - Heavy Duty Track Type Bottom Crawler